Upcoming Workshops:

Dismantling Patriarchy: Our liberation as men depends upon it

Patriarchy dominates our way of living because of pervasive male privilege which includes the false but common beliefs that men are smarter, make better leaders, and are generally superior in all ways to women and to people who identify beyond the male-female binary. The widespread fallout from this is directly related to so much of our distress and the variety of oppressions that keep us apart.

And who else is in a better position to change this? Men have the power and obligation to end patriarchy and actively support a movement to have women and non-binary people take leadership.

Date: Friday, March 23 2018, 9AM-12 Noon

Place: St. John Fisher College, Golisano Gateway-Midlevel, 3690 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14618

Registration: Contact Rick Olanoff (Syracuse) at 315-446-5029 or connectingwithrick@gmail.com or Steve Jarose (Rochester) at 585-224-7238 or sjarose.ncbi.gmail.com for details.




Past Workshops:

Navigating Classroom Dialogue Around Controversial Issues

Differences in opinion and experience can spark controversy and divisions in our classrooms. How can we engage students with respect and courage, and encourage students to do the same? How do we respondwhen our buttons get pushed by student comments or actions? How can we find the balance between free speech and hurtful/hateful speech and work with the gap between intention and impact? On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day we invite you to explore these questions and move from confusion and dissatisfaction towards clarity and direction.

Date: Monday, January 15, 2018

Place: Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence, 929 S. Plymouth Ave., Rochester, NY

Fee: $75 per person (payable to NCBI Rochester, NY Inc. and mailed to Pat Willis, 42 Menlo Place, Rochester, NY 14620). Financial support is available as needed, thanks to the generous support of Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

Registration for the workshop is possible by clicking on the image of the flyer to access the full size flyer.  To register on-line, once you are viewing the full size flyer, please click where it says “Click here”, or to register by mail, send in the second page of the flyer. For questions please contact Pat Willis at willis.patricia908@gmail.com or 585-313-1047. Registration forms are due by January 12th 2018.

Addressing Racial Barriers in the Workplace

This workshop will examine common roadblocks to racial equity and provide practical intervention strategies. The result, more vibrant, cohesive and effective responses to customer needs and organizational values. For more information and to register online please click on the image (pdf) to the right.

Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 8-11AM

Place: Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, 165 Court Street, Rochester, NY 14647
Fee: $75 per person (payable to NCBI Rochester, Inc. and mailed to NCBI Rochester, c/o Starbridge Inc. 1650 South Avenue, Suite 200, Rochester, NY 14620)

Registrations are due by Thursday November 9. Please contact Pat Willis at willis.patricia908@gmail.com or 585-313-1047 if you have any questions.


Cancellation Policy:

NCBI sponsored Community Workshops: Cancellation notification by participants received 5 business days prior to workshops will result in full registration reimbursement.  Cancellations received two to four days prior to workshops will result in 75% registration reimbursement.  Cancellations received less than 48 hours (two business days) prior to workshops will result in 50% registration reimbursement. Substitutions are welcome.  Exceptions may be considered in emergency situations.

Contracted workshops:  Cancellation or postponement by the contracting organization within two weeks of scheduled date will result in a penalty, addressed by the contract.